Which Bible Translation Is Right?

Which Bible translation is correct? Friends, family and those I teach have asked this question.

Short answer? It depends.

My background as a Korean Linguist in the 1970’s, years of work with Strong’s Concordance of Hebrew and Greek, and other sources lead me to conclude: choose a translation based on your purpose. For systematic, word-for-word translation, the best translations I have found are the New American Standard Bible and the King James Bible. For translations that work more with the meaning, try the New International Version or the Amplified Bible. There are many other versions that the Holy Spirit may use or work through, such as The Message or perhaps a children’s version for your kids.

Whatever version you use, recognize it’s limitations. Translating God’s word took many scholars years of work to arrive at the words we see in print. Choose wisely.

You can find more info at: http://carm.org/which-bible-version-is-best.

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