Novel Writing for the Young Fiction Author

The students will gain a deeper understanding of critical thinking and how to determine the form and structure of a fiction novel. Understanding these areas will build their literacy skills and encourage them in writing. TEKS 7.6 / 7.14 / 7.26 / 8.6 / 8.14 / 8.26

Character Research – The Masterful Mix

Have you ever wrestled with research to make your book subject, emotions, and characters authentic to your readers? In this exciting workshop, you’ll be able to identify what kind of research works for you—and what doesn’t. Aaron will provide three methods to research your character, then ten different ways to make the research process fun! The result? Research will kindle the fire of creativity and fill the vacuum of knowledge you need to let your words cascade onto the pages in a torrent of passionate
prose. Check it out!
TEKS 7.6 / 7.14 / 7.26 / 8.6 / 8.14 / 8.26

Writing and Editing – The Process

The writing and editing process can be a daunting task for students as they continue to build their skills as an author. Aaron will share techniques and strategies to highlight the importance of organization, structure and quality editing in producing published novels. The students will be able to better organize their writing and understand the editing process. TEKS: 7.14 / 7.15a / 7.19 / 7.26 / 8.14 / 8.15a / 8.19 / 8.26

The Inspiration Behind The Secrets of the Castle

Brainstorming and beginning the writing process can be inspired by many incredible experiences. Aaron will inspire your young writers by engaging them in his process and experiences that allowed him to become a published author. The students will be inspired to make text to self-connections in new ways. TEKS: 7.14a / 7.16 / 7.26 / 8.14a / 8.16 / 8.26

The Inspiration Behind The Salt Mines Mystery

As Aaron moved forward with his second book “The Salt Mines Mystery” he began to allow his inspirations to continue to shape his writing. His background and experiences provide a wealth of insight to your growing authors as they begin to determine what to draw from and expand on in their own writing. TEKS: 7.14a / 7.16 / 7.26 / 8.14a / 8.16 / 8.26

Inspiration From the Military

Your students will learn how perspective can shape their writing as Aaron explores how his experiences in and around the military shaped his writing. Your students will gain understanding on how everyday life can affect their ability to produce work that has personality, as Aaron shares his extensive military background. TEKS: 7.14a / 7.16 / 7.26 / 8.14a / 8.16 / 8.26

Leading Through Writing

In this presentation students will learn how writing is a pivotal skill for every leader. Aaron will share his passion to empower young authors who aspire to become frontrunners in various fields. Your students will grow in their ability to connect the structures in school to their future as writers. TEKS: 7.15 / 7.17 / 7.18 / 7.26 / 8.14a / 8.16 / 8.26

Spiritual Leadership Essentials

Searching for key principles to become a better leader? Aaron Zook covers seven spiritual essentials for leaders from J. Oswald Sanders’ book Spiritual Leadership interspersing experiences from his leadership roles as Pastor, Praise and Worship Leader, and Military Leader for dynamic insights to assist you to a higher level of leadership success.

The Ultimate Warrior Leader

God knows the ultimate design for a warrior leader in the military and in His spiritual kingdom on earth. Explore the various aspects of being a warrior in God’s kingdom and in the world around you. It will turn your world upside-down.like you did for the other ones above.

Leading Contemporary Praise and Worship

Whether you lead music for a congregation under fifty or one over five hundred, learn some of the basic principles for leading your Praise and Worship team to excellent musicianship, your congregation into close harmony with God, and fulfilling the goal of entering a true worship experience giving glory and honor to our triune God.

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Conquering the Writing and Editing Process
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Contemporary Praise and Worship Workshop
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