Winter Wonderland at Spring Canyon, Colorado

Exciting Travel Destinations and Tours – Winter Wonderland at Spring Canyon, Colorado Don’t miss this gem! If you’ve been looking for the perfect place for a winter family retreat, you’ve hit the jackpot. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains seven miles west of Buena Vista, Colorado, Spring Canyon creates a dream vacation along with a spiritual dimension uniquely fit to satisfy your desires. Set up as a Christ-centered sanctuary to refresh, equip, and inspire families, the mountains and lake provide a beautiful backdrop for soaking in exquisite views, hiking up backwoods roads, trails, and mountains, all while ensuring you have the… Continue reading

Featured Author – Aaron Zook – CLASSeminars

Aaron featured on CLASSeminars! See original article here. MEET AARON ZOOK As a teenager Aaron was interested in writing, mostly stories. He would compose creative science fiction tales and then hide them in a drawer. His secret dream was to get one of his stories published. This was going to be very hard to accomplish since he never submitted any of them. He just kept them in the drawer. When he went away to college, he left his writing and the dream of being a published author behind. Many years later, as a Captain in the US Army, Aaron found… Continue reading

Galveston Texas

Exciting Travel Destinations and Tours – Rollercoasters, Beach, and Lots of Seafood Nothing like it! Strolling down the seawall in Galveston, TX on a sunny summer’s day. A light breeze tinted with the taste of salt cools your body to a comfortable temperature. Seagull’s cries cut through the background surf siphoning the sand back to the sea. Wave after wave crashes onto the huge granite blocks at the base of the seawall. Sand and water trickle in and out of the crevices. Endless possibilities. Boat? Beach? Moody Pyramids? Schlitterbahn Water Park? The Historic Pleasure Pier? Or maybe all of them?… Continue reading


PRESS RELEASE BEST OF TEXAS BOOKS AWARDED 5th Annual Contest Is Largest Collection of Texas Authors TEXAS – On 4 April, the Texas Association of Authors announced the 2017 winners of Best Of Texas Books published in 2016, which included a local Belton resident and author, Aaron M. Zook, Jr. who won First Place Author for YA Fiction. Aaron’s book, The Phantom of the Fortress, is an exciting mystery/adventure of two boys and their dogs Thunder and Lightning, and is the third in the Thunder and Lightning series. B. Alan Bourgeois, Founder and Director of Texas Association of Authors, states… Continue reading

Ocean Expo Park, Okinawa (Part II)

Exciting Travel Destinations and Tours – Ocean Expo Park, Okinawa (Part II) Where could you take your Valentine on a beautiful island vacation? Why the Okinawa Ocean Expo Park, of course! If you look at the beautiful flower arrangements they have in the Tropical Dream Garden, your eyes will feast on a profusion of colors: shocking pink, electric blue, emerald green, deep purple, and golden yellows. The color bouquets are surrounded by the leafy green fronds of water plants and palm trees. Orange pots provide another splotch of contrasting paint to a bright canvas of lush proportions. If you are… Continue reading

Ocean Expo Park, Okinawa (Part I)

Exciting Travel Destinations and Tours – Ocean Expo Park, Okinawa (Part I) Welcome to our new friends of the Zook Books’ Exciting Destination Blog. I’ve enjoyed meeting you at the Texas Teen Book Festival, the Texas Library Association, and other book-signing events. Check out last month’s blog on the Shurijo Castle for another tremendous Okinawa treasure. Okinawa, Japan, the main island of the Ryukyu chain, serves as a tropical paradise for many Far East nations. Think of it as a superb vacation resort. Bring sunscreen and light clothing for your day at the Ocean Expo Park. The lush tropical vegetation,… Continue reading

Shurijo Castle, Okinawa

Exciting Travel Destinations and Tours – Shurijo Castle, Okinawa The land where the palm trees sway—although this is a line from a favorite song of mine, Mele Kalikimaka, that Bing Crosby sang about Christmas on the tropical paradise of Hawaii, the phrase also applies to Okinawa, Japan, the main island of the Ryukyu chain. As with many other tourist areas, Okinawa is a place that takes several weeks, if not months, to fully explore. The island is about 70 miles long and 7 miles at the widest point. The narrowest section is two miles. The lush tropical vegetation includes gorgeous… Continue reading