Training Boys to be Future Leaders

Who’s In Control?

The media controls our minds and our lives. True or false?

Unfortunately, for many this is a true statement. But it doesn’t have to be true for you or your children. A leader, a mature man or woman, can take charge of the media and all other factors in their lives.

Spiritual Leadership

Using J. Oswald Sanders book, Spiritual Leadership, I’ll spend time laying out his time-honored principles and how we can apply them to the raising of our boys in today’s complex environment. Why not girls? Do the principles apply to them as well?

Of course they do.

Why Boys?

We want a society full of mature men and women. However, I’m focusing on the topic of boys since I’m a guy. I’ve pulled my share of boyish pranks and understand first hand how a boy deals with life. I’ve learned a few valuable lessons in male leadership, living first a worldly life as a young adult man, then a godly life led by Christ. The attraction of the world, especially in today’s media-rich environment, can be overwhelming to a boy and even to men. I’m taking a stand. I’m fighting back.

Read the Whole Thing!

Read all of the articles to get the entire gist of what a boy must do to realize the outcome of becoming a leader and what you and they can do to make that happen. Yes. Both leaders of boys and the boys themselves must take action. That boy’s going to need your help to grow into a mature man. Don’t run away! These articles will give you ideas to use to help your boy achieve that goal.

Good Training

We’ll discuss how to break the media-dominated stranglehold the worldly society wants to impose on your boy’s life. We’ll learn how to harness the current scientific and media environments to educate, train and assist our boys to grow into mature men.

It’s a Dialogue

I won’t become too technical or too detailed. Depending on your feedback, I can explore these topics in more detail.

Did you read that?

I need your feedback. Without it, we can’t really converse on these issues and that is what I intend my Newsletter to be, a conversation.

The Hidden Essentials

Below are the seven major, or as Oswald calls them, “essential qualities” of a spiritual leader. Sometimes they appear hidden to the casual observer, but an astute observer sees them over time. By the way, each of these qualities is critical to secular leadership. The only difference is that the spiritually aware Christian isn’t blind to spiritual facets of a problem. I was blind, but now I see.

To lead well, a boy must excel in the following areas and feed these qualities:

1. Discipline

2. Vision

3. Wisdom

4. Decision

5. Courage

6. Humility

7. Integrity and Sincerity

How can you instill discipline in a growing boy without breaking his spirit? Tune in next time and see!

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