The Bavarian Salt Mines

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The Bavarian Salt Mines

Did you know there are salt mines around the world? Salt is such an important mineral in our diets that we would die without it. It’s more important than having a cell phone!

In Bavaria, southern Germany (bordering Austria), a salt mine lies below the town of Berchtesgaden.

Take their tour. You’ll be mesmerized by a brilliant laser-light demonstration in a huge cavern at the start, followed by cool rides, crazy light displays, and sights you won’t forget.

To reach the deep-mountain mines, you ride a small train by straddling a bench seat. The air temp is about 65 degrees Fahrenheit inside. Didn’t I say it was cool? But the staff provides miner’s clothes for you to wear, which include a comfy coverall and miner’s jacket.

Early mining machines, the latest technology for mining, and several large caverns will test your senses of observation and comprehension. And to go down the levels, sometimes you can ride a steep slide, sitting on two rails of wood! Of course they take pictures as you slip over the edge at the top or scream at the bottom…

In dark caverns, backlit salt stones glow in rainbow colors, each color telling the impurities in the rock. And there’s more.

An underground, silent boat ride over a glassy, crystal-clear (no pun intended) Mirror Lake takes you near the end of your journey.

Finally, you ride a tram up to the top of the mine where you can shop to your heart’s delight in the famous Salt Mine store. And don’t be surprised if the mascot, Salzi, trails you around the tour!

Interested? Go to this website to find out more!

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