Comfort Can Be Found in the Lord

hoodScripture: “I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.” Ps 34:1 NASB

As our community recovers from the shooting incident that occurred on Wednesday, 2 April 2014, comfort can be found in the Lord and our salvation. I heard a news report that during a service off post where the leadership had some type of memorial for those lost, a church member asked the question “Why did this happen? Again?

Many times in our lives, we will be immersed in stressful, chaotic, and sometimes devastating circumstances. If the cause is within your power to fix, then take action. If not, pray to the Lord, remembering that He is in control and He has an overall, ultimate plan, to work out the events that occur in this world for His good and the good of His people.

God’s purposes involve all of the people and His plans for this world’s entire population. A strategic plan. Sometimes local issues or problems can’t be understood only by looking around at the local circumstances. Leaders are brought up to look at the bigger picture. In the end, God has a purpose for allowing this event to occur. We may not understand it now, but the event reveals the tragic struggles of some in our current American society. We must stand on God’s principles in our lives to influence our society locally, regionally, and nationally.

Our nation needs our prayers, as do the people immediately impacted by the shooting incident here at Fort Hood. On Palm Sunday and Easter as we focus on Jesus, who died and was raised to save sinners, let’s praise God for His gift of eternal life and pray that others, even in the midst of tragedy, will find the Lord.

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