Rome Appetizer 2 – Capitoline – Rome, Italy

Exciting Travel Destinations and Tours – Rome, Italy

Rome—a destination of love and conquest, of fame and ruin.

For our second Rome appetizer, we leave Piazza Venezia and move on to the Capitoline, the most famous of the Seven Hills of Rome. The hill consists of two separate hilltops used for different purposes. The church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli currently stands on one hilltop, the other occupied by the remains of the Great Temple of Jupiter.

A massive structure awaits us at the center of the two hills. The Piazza el Campidoglio. Michelangelo conceived this plaza, which contains three … Continue reading

Rome Appetizer 1 – Piazza Venezia – Rome, Italy

Exciting Travel Destinations and Tours – Rome, Italy

Rome is an incredible destination for a traveler who wants to see what was once a world capital for the European and Middle Eastern continent. Rome dominated with brute force, power, and political might. The remains of the great capitol city inspired many poets, artists, and movie industry professionals to create a rich cultural legacy. It was once said that, “All roads lead to Rome.”

A detailed description is too much for this short blog. I’d like to whet your appetite for this scrumptious Rome meal of tourist attractions with a few … Continue reading

The Isle of Capri

dreamstime_xs_54219020Exciting Travel Destinations and Tours – The Isle of Capri – Italy

We have to go back. I know it in my heart. I remember listening to the ocean break against the rocky cliffs or gazing into azure waters that spilled white foam on the beach. While some luxuriated in a warm-water swim, snorkel or scuba dive, others rocked on sailing vessels of all types, yachts, touring vessels, and other sea-going transports.

The Isle of Capri is a magical, lush … Continue reading

The Königssee (The King’s Lake)

Exciting Travel Destinations and Tours – The Königssee (The King’s Lake)

Konigssee Tour Boat Side ViewDo you crave the sounds, scents, and sights of a natural setting? Make the time to get away from the bustle of a city for the country flavor of tiny villages in the mountains. Glide in a boat across a glassy lake, visit a historical chapel, and hike to Germany’s highest waterfall, all in one location.

Nestled at the base of famous mountains towering as high as … Continue reading

The Kaltenberger Ritterturnier

Exciting Travel Destinations and Tours – The Kaltenberger Ritterturnier

46601_643012086714_1362003_nKaltenberg holds its own Knight’s Tournament (Ritterturnier) every year in southern Germany. The tournament is one of the most famous in the world. All the knights that compete often perform in movies as knights in battle, in a jousting tournament, or in some other part of a medieval film.

The festival is conducted for 3 weekends in the summer, normally in July. For 2016, the July weekend dates are 15-17, 22-24, … Continue reading

Strong Wills, Strong Parents – The Wrap-up

dreamstime_xs_48052383The Bottom Line

            I’ve taken the last eight months to discuss several of the issues in raising strong-willed children, spanning the entire makeup of the strong-willed child and their interaction with their parents. In doing so, I’ve passed along methods used by Dr. Dobson, other experts, and myself and my wife in raising strong-will children.

            Strong willed children are a gift from the Lord and often become excellent leaders and workers in both the Lord’s kingdom and … Continue reading

Jenner Mountain

Exciting Travel Destinations and Tours – The Jenner Mountain

Jenner View of Konigsee from Mtn Top - 1989Are you ready to climb a mountain? To hike the trails and taste the hot chocolate near the top of the mountain? Then you should climb the Jenner, a famous mountain in the German Alps.

Close to Berchtesgaden, Bavaria (southern Germany), the Jenner Mountain rises as one of the first of many German Alps. In the winter, it is … Continue reading

Relational Control

dreamstime_xs_48052383Strong Wills, Strong Parents – Relational Control

The Decision

Sometime in your child’s life, they will make the decision. For some it is cataclysmic, nerve-wracking, and life changing—a significant emotional event. For others, it is a gradual process. But it happens to all children as they grow. What am I talking about? The decision a child makes to strike out on his/her own.

Flying the Coop

When children depart the home, there is a struggle between the relationships your son … Continue reading

Informational Control

dreamstime_xs_48052383Strong Wills, Strong Parents – Informational Control

The Information Battle

I went to a play one time and as I settled into my seat, a person walked on stage.

“You are reminded that this play contains some foul language and sexually suggestive language. Therefore, people seventeen and under should not view this play.”

The lady walked off the stage and I wondered what kind of play I signed up to watch. It was a musical comedy called, “Young Frankenstein.” … Continue reading

Linderhof Castle

TL Linderhof - AExciting Travel Destinations and Tours – Linderhof Castle

Castles and palaces are a terrific place for the imagination to run wild. One of the best is Linderhof Palace, built by Ludwig II, King of Bavaria.

Near the Ettal Abbey, Bavaria (which is southern Germany, bordering Austria), the gorgeous palace of Linderhof nestles into the German countryside, not far from Berchtesgaden.

Though Linderhof is the smallest of the three castles or palaces that King Ludwig II built, the king … Continue reading