Our Dad The Hero


Robert Gosney

My life has been a mix of adventure and danger. I’ve collected personal stories over the years that will capture your heart and mind as I bring you along. Feel the tension of U.S. Army excellence in Germany during the Cold War era by walking in my Lieutenant shoes; fly with me on training and operational missions in the United States and Vietnam; experience your blood racing as the enemy attacks; plunging our chopper to the ground in the middle of a firefight between U.S. Special Forces and North Vietnamese soldiers; and join me as I sort out the formation of a new Liberian government after an enlisted coup. Yes, I’m asking you to go with me on my journey for a little while. Taste the laughter of dreams achieved and friends bonded for life. Join me and you might learn a few things about our great nation and how you and I fit in. Clipper 6. Out.


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