Come As You Are


Stories of Faith and Answered Prayer

Uniquely suited to write. Called by God to serve. Coming just as they were. Men and women of God. Poured out on these pages.

If you want to read real stories from budding writers and expert authors, this book is for you. Grab an easy chair and your favorite cup of tea or coffee, and devour these pages. It’s a come-as-you-are experience!

In November 2014, a motley crew of Christian writers from all over the United States and beyond met at a large church in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to spend a handful of wonderful days getting to know each other and themselves in a fresh new way. Together they worked on fresh ideas, amazing experiences peppered with stories of faith, and answered prayer. Seasoned writer/mentors sat at tables, tenderly nudging writers to refine their work. Occasionally a veteran author would pat a discouraged writer on the back, giving tips for reorganizing. Another might pray with two teenagers about their work. All over the giant room echoed the sounds of creative splashes of body copy provided by their Creative Creator – on over 70 laptops. This book, Come As You Are: Stories of Faith and Answered Prayer, is the result of that short but miraculous time together.


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