The Salt Mines Mystery Publication Update + How to get a FREE copy

BookReleaseNewsFlashDue to consultations with the publisher of The Salt Mines Mystery during the CLASSeminars Christian Writers’ Conference, the projected November 2014 date for publication changed to Spring 2015.

This new projected publication date will mean a superior quality book that will grab the reader, shake them up and set them down wanting more action and adventure. The book is already a hot drink to handle, but the steam will pour out when the book reaches the presses.

Here’s one great advantage for up to fifteen faithful early readers. A BETA version of The Salt Mines Mystery may be available before Christmas. The BETA version guarantees you a FREE COPY of The Salt Mines Mystery when it comes off the presses in 2015.

What are the requirements to be a BETA reader?

  1. Fit within one of two age categories or be the parent of someone in the two age categories (12-14, 15-21 or parent). Only five readers will be accepted in each area.
  2. Have purchased and read The Secrets of the Castle.
  3. Will provide objective positive and negative comments about the book. This includes quotes for publication in the front of the book, any mistakes noted, and suggestions to improve the book prior to publication
  4. Finish the review and send it to zookaaron at yahoo dot com (or through the contact page) within 30 days of the book being mailed to you.

I will select BETA readers on a first come, first served basis. You may contact me through email, the contact page or I’ll need your category (12-14, 15-21 or parent), your mailing address, email address, and telephone number.

Thanks for your understanding in this essential step in the publishing process. I will notify you when the book is prepared for sale in 2015.

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