Marriage and Life Books


12 Keys for Marriage Success

by Joyce Zook

Discover what a what you can do to create a loving marriage. Apply these 12 keys and transform your marriage. Increase the love in your relationship. The study questions and marriage success tips give you the tool you need to apply the principles in your life and develop a marriage that lasts a lifetime. Click Here for more info and to purchase at




Priorities for Life Study Guide

by Joyce Zook

Are you tired of feeling stressed? Tired of feeling like there is not enough time to get it all done? What if I told you I found the secret to living a balanced and successful life using biblical principles? When time management isn’t enough, you need someone to show you how you can live by your priorities. Click Here for more information and to purchase at



God and Your Closet Journal

By Joyce Zook

De-Clutter your closet and improve your self-image with this 6-week daily journal. The step by step directions for organizing your closet and thoughtful questions lead to a personal transformation. Allow God to renew your mind and remove the negative thoughts you have about your appearance. See your true beauty as God helps you create a positive attitude about yourself and your clothes. Click Here for more information and to purchase at

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